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Young Edison Program (6+)

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Duration: 12 weeks, 1 hour per week
Starting on: 12th September
Time: 9 AM to 10 AM BST
Class size: 3-6
Class topics:
Electronics – 3 classes
  • Make a bulb light up & Learn about electricity.
  • Can you complete the circuit, to make the motor turn? Let’s do a conductivity test
  • Make Art bots with motors and batteries & dress them up!
Mechanics – 5 classes
  • Make a pull back toy car using rubberbands. Learn about kinetic and potential energy that makes the car move.
  • Can you make the marble roll the slowest? Learn about ramps, gravity and friction.
  • Help clean up the neighborhood by making a gripper to pick trash. Learn about linkages, an important mechanics concept
  • Make Rockets and shoot them as far as you can! What affects how far they go? Learn about rocket design.
Physics – 4 classes
  • Make a Thaumatrope optical illusion, and learn about how the human eye works.
  • With just paper and tape, can you make the tallest tower? An activity on civil engineering
  • How does light behave with different materials? Experiment with light and shadows using a torch. Put on a Shadow puppet Show


Supply list: A £10 electronics kit from Amazon and a few basic stationery items. A detailed list will be shared upon registration.
Instructor Profile:
Smitha has been teaching ‘learning by making’ workshops in California and India for the last 3 years. She has helped build many world-class products in 11+ years as a Firmware Engineer. She is an alum of the prestigious Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.


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