STEM junior

£48.00 £40.00


Duration – 6 weeks

UK batch starts on 6th Jan 2021

Class size: 6

Class topics:

  1. Paper Helicopters – Make a paper helicopter, learn about the forces gravity and lift and how a helicopter works.
  2. DNA extraction – perform an experiment to understand the extraction of DNA
  3. Balloon Car – Build a car that is powered by air and learn Newton’s law of motion
  4. Make a bulb light up, a fan rotate and learn about electricity
  5. Complete circuits and learn about conductivity
  6. Engineering challenge – build a bridge that can carry various loads and understand the Engineering principles involved in bridge construction

Additional topics (covered if time permits or additional classes)

  • Mini greenhouse – growing plants in a bag. Build a basic greenhouse with things that you find at home and learn about the germination of seeds and green house effect
  • Spitting bottle – an experiment to understand air pressure and gravity
  • Build a catapult – Make a catapult to understand forces and energies
  • Magnetic levitation – an experiment to understand the forces acting on an iron nail and learn teh basics of magnetism

Supply list: A £10/ $10 electronics kits from Amazon and a few basic stationery items. A detailed list will be shared upon registration.

Instructors Profiles:

Kadija, is an Information Technology Engineer and certified
STEM Educator in Teaching Primary Science. She has been
teaching Science & Technology through hands on activities
for the past 3 years. The course is STEM accredited.

Amina, an electronics engineer turned educator, has been
working in the field of STEM education for the past three
years. She is a certified STEM activity designer and STEM
curriculum planner.



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