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playful science

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If you’re wondering what you can plan for the kids to do in half-term without having to worry about impending lockdowns, bad weather or being stuck indoors, you are in the right place.

We’ve been busy creating lots of fun half-term classes and workshops to keep your child entertained, learning and inspired.

Join us for a 5 day onine science camp, where students will make, play and learn.


1.Can I join only a few days and not all 5 days?

Yes, please email us the days you’d like to attend. If we have capacity, you can attend the days you are available. You will be charged on a per day basis.

2. Does an adult have to accompany the student?

It’s optional and child dependent. We don’t mind an adult attending with the child. It makes for a great bonding activity!

3. What supplies do I need?

A few things easily found around the house, we will share a list with the participants.

4. Will the class be good for my child?

It will be fabulous! We have 3 batches of full term classes by the same instructor and the students love it. If your child does not like a class, we offer a happiness guarantee refund.






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