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Online Coding Program for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (4 days) (Ages 8+) (Paid session)

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Online Coding program for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Class topics:

  • Introduction to Scratch (as needed for the next 3 classes)
  • Facial recognition app
  • Smart Classroom Program
  • Sorting hat just like Harry Potter

Learning goals: 

Students will be able to understand the concepts of AI and ML using simple programs that they will create.  

Supply List:

Either an iPad, any Android Tablet or a PC.  You will need to download a free app (which is safe and meant for teaching students). The details will be shared with the registered participants.  About the 


Bhavna has been working in the software industry for the last 14 years, both in India and USA. After completing her engineering and Masters in Financial Engineering from New York, USA, she has had a successful career at many top IT companies and banks like Bank Of America, Merrill Lynch and Quantitative Brokers. She has had her stint in all the popular technologies including C, C++, Java and Python.  Now, as the mother of two young daughters, Bhavna believes in the power of early introduction of coding to kids. She believes that kids creativity along with the power of computing can enable them to create magic, and solve many of the future world problems!


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