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French beginner course for kids (Ages 5-8)(4 sessions)

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In these 4 weeks class, we will meet for 25 minutes each week.  

We will start by creating a comfortable atmosphere for everyone. I will encourage a high level of interaction by using visuals, gestures and games.  The learning will be focused on listening, speaking, and reading skills.  The classes are topic based and each week we will cover a new subject.     

Week 1: Discover France and the French culture  Discover France: have you been to France? What do you know about France and French people?

Week 2:  Learn greetings and essential words  Learn how to greet each other and respond to greetings

Week 3: Learn the body parts  We will start by greeting each other and practice what we learned the previous week and learn the parts of the body

Week 4: Learn the colours  We will learn the colours and how to apply them with new vocabulary        Assessment and measuring progress:  There will be some light homework in a form of a quiz or game to help your child practices what we learned in class

Instructor: Anissa  I am a native French speaker.  As a multilingual individual, I understand the steps and roadblocks when learning a foreign language and I have developed methods in making the learning journey more motivational and effective.


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