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Coding Using HTML, Basics for Beginners for Age 10-13

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In this course, your child will be introduced to coding using HTML. This course is meant for the absolute beginner…no experience in HTML is necessary! (If your child has some experience in writing code with HTML, my Level 2 HTML course may be a better fit for them.) Students will learn some of the most basic tags and their functions in HTML, including:

  • <h1> thru <h6>
  • <p>
  • <br>
  • <em>
  • <strong>
  • <ol>
  • <ul>

Each student will be creating a mini web page based on their own interests and will be encouraged to share their work with the class. Students will also work together to troubleshoot any errors that arise as they begin coding.

Learning goals

Students will be able to identify the basic tags in HTML and use them to create a mini web page.

Students will be reminded that in coding, errors are a constant occurrence. Students will be encouraged to embrace mistakes, as they are not only a way of life in coding, but also one of our greatest learning opportunities.

Parental Guidance

Parents, students will need to create an online account with the Code.org website before our class. Please be sure to check out this educational site before signing your student up for the class to confirm that your child has your permission to use the site. (Code.org will require students to be 13 or older to have access to the feature we will be using.) This class should not be done on a cell phone, and students should use the Google Chrome browser during class.

About the instructor:

Arun has been an ICT teacher for 14 years. He is also a certified Level 1 and Level 2 Google educator.


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