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Age 9

Coding for 6-8 years (5 sessions)

Learn basics of scratch programming making fun coding projects in small groups of 4 kids

Stem Junior Class Mondays(Ages 6 to 8)

Make a balloon car OR a paper helicopter in our free demo session

Happy Hour Crafts on Thursdays

Enjoy a calming, happy hour crafts session on Thursdays at 4:30 PM

Art Class on Wednesdays (Ages 5 to 8)

In a free demo class, learn a Paul Klee Inspired Castle!

Coding classes Tuesdays (Ages 6-8)

Coding teaches logical, structured thinking. It is an essential subject in today's world. Join us for a fun coding class in small groups from the comfort of your homes.

Learn the ABC of chess 1:1 (10 sessions)

1:1 chess lessons to learn the complete ABC of chess - everything you need to play a full game.

English Phonics 1:1 session (30 min)

Customised and personalised 1:1 tutoring

French 1:1 classes

Join 1:1 classes with Anissa

Art Club Term 4 (6 sessions, 90 min each)

Learn about Turner and his landscapes, Salvador Dali. Delve into the techniques of mark-making, mindfulness and surrealism, viewpoints and perspectives, optical illusions and zentangles.
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