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Age 8

Phonics Phase 3

This class follows phase 1 and phase 2. The focus is on split digraphs. Please see below for detailed curriculum.

Quilling workshop for ages 8+(4 sessions)

Learn the beautiful art of Paper Quilling. Quilling, also known as paper filigree, is the art of rolling and manipulating narrow strips of paper and then shaping them to make the most exquisite designs.

Microsoft DigiGirlz Gaming Day (Free session)

31st March 10 AM to 3 PM GMT New to DigiGirlz we are hosting a day solely around gaming, starting with ideation to game creation. We are being joined by the Woman@Xbox group who have a wealth of experience and expertise within this industry. The day will include a keynote speaker, workshop and an early in career panel where the girls can ask their questions. This day is also part of the Careers in Gaming week so come and join the DigiGirlz to learn about this fascinating industry. The event is focused towards 10-14 year old girls but is not exclusive to this age range. We also welcome girls with all capabilities, whether you love gaming or have never thought about looking into it. This event is open enrolment and free so anyone can join wherever they live, even from the comfort of your sofa!

Microsoft DigiGirlz AI and Sustainability (Free Session)

8th March 2021, 10 am to 1 pm GMT March 8th marks International Women's day, where we want to not only celebrate women but to show that the STEM industry is full of opportunities for all genders and backgrounds. The day is focused around AI and Sustainability where the girls will learn how to build out an idea using technology for good. This is so important as technology can be used to help many different challenges that we face in society, including climate change. We will also have a keynote speaker, and an early in career panel. The event is focused for girls aged 10-14 and is open enrolment so anyone can sign up! If it conflicts with your school calendar, you can receive a recording by signing up below.

Coding for 6-8 years (10 sessions)

Learn basics of scratch programming making fun coding projects in 1:1 sessions.

Stem Junior Class Mondays(Ages 6 to 8)

Make a balloon car OR a paper helicopter in our free demo session

Happy Hour Crafts on Thursdays

Enjoy a calming, happy hour crafts session on Thursdays at 4:30 PM

Art Class on Wednesdays (Ages 5 to 8)

In a free demo class, learn a Paul Klee Inspired Castle!

Coding classes Tuesdays (Ages 6-8)

Coding teaches logical, structured thinking. It is an essential subject in today's world. Join us for a fun coding class in small groups from the comfort of your homes.
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