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Happiness Guarantee

We all want our children to be happy and engaged while learning. Our goal is to ensure you are not in a battle to get your child to attend the class. We’ve been there! While we strive hard to select the best learning experiences for children, sometimes you may feel a particular class is not right for your child.

So we provide a happiness guarantee founded on trust, honesty and common sense. To help us make it work fairly and honestly for everyone involved, we offer the following:

1.Trial classes – We periodically offer trial classes for you and your child to assess if the class is right for you.

2. Multiple session classes – If you have signed up for a class which spans several sessions and you feel the class is not right after the first session, we offer a prorated refund.

3. For one off sessions – We try our level best to keep this up to the mark, we will offer you a credit class if you are unhappy with the session and can report it to hello@ourlittleuni.com within 15 minutes of the class commencement.

If you are unhappy about a class, please do write to us, we will try to make it right.

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