Phonics Phase 2

Phase 2 phonics sounds taught in a fun, engaging way.


Pre-course requirements:

  • Ideally your child should know the sounds that each letter makes (eg m says mmm; ie the sound at the start of ‘man’) and say the word if you ‘slow-speak’ it (eg they should say ‘dog’ if you say the individual sounds ‘d-o-g’). However, we will do lots of practice too, so don’t worry if they are only just beginning to be able to do this.
  • They should be able to read I, no, go, to, into, the
  • They should be able to hold a pencil and form the letters correctly.
  • They should be beginning to recognise capital letters.

Class Structure:

  • We will start and finish each session with a song.
  • Each week we will practise all the sounds and words learnt so far.
  • We will learn to recognise the capital letters alongside the lower-case letters.
  • We will learn about vowels and consonants.
  • We will talk about letters having names as well as sounds.
  • I will provide resources that the children may need in class.
  • I will provide resources, ideas, and website links for practice at home what we have learnt in class.

Time table:

Course Curriculum

Phase 2 sounds
ch 00:00:00
sh 00:00:00
th 00:00:00
ng 00:00:00
ai 00:00:00
ee 00:00:00
igh 00:00:00
oa 00:00:00
Revision 1 00:00:00
or 00:00:00
ur 00:00:00
ow 00:00:00
oi 00:00:00
ear 00:00:00
air 00:00:00
ure 00:00:00
Revision 2 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Excellent program and instructor


    Keeping young kids engaged and learning on a zoom lesson is a challenge. Yet, Helena does it effortlessly. After a successful phonics phase 1, Helena brings yet another engaging and fun phase 2 program.

  • £70.00

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