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1:1 chess lessons to learn the complete ABC of chess - everything you need to play a full game.

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February 1, 2022

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Course Description

Book a demo, please click on the chat button at the bottom right of this screen to schedule.  

Demo will include : An understanding of the learner's current skill level if he/she is already exposed to chess or  Chessboard and introduction to pieces, setting up the board, and movement of rook and king.  

ABC of chess (10 lessons ) will include everything they need to know to play a game of chess : (will be customised if the learner already knows some chess)  

1. Movement of pieces (Bishop and Queen) and point system along with notation 

2. Movement of Knight and Pawn), Attack and capturing, segments of chess 

3. Check and checkmate 

4. Stalemate and draw 

5. Positions 

6. Castling 

7. Pawn promotion and checkmates 

8. Positions 

9. En passant 

10. Introduction to opening  

Next modules will cover strategy which will enable them to think critically and strategically with a focus on winning a chess game.

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  1. Excellent class - we made it to the school team!


    Thank you for the fantastic chess course. Cleo loved the instructor and looked forward to attending every class. He has made it to his school chess team as well. Thank you.

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