Abacus Maths for Ages 5-12 years (10 – 15 sessions)

Abacus math programs are known to sharpen the mathematical skills of children, make them keen observers and contribute to the whole brain development.


In this mental math program, maths is learnt through abacus beads. The techniques used make learning math effortless and enjoyable. Students will be taught to visualise and quickly learn to perform large calculations mentally.

The course aims to train the child to use the left and right brain simultaneously resulting in upgrading the brain skills of the children. And thus, not only arithmetic, in enables the child to acquire the skills of concentration, listening, speed, accuracy, imagination, innovation, creativity, comprehension and photographic memory.


  • Printouts of the worksheets that will be provided after registration
  • Abacus tool (can be bought on amazon, link will be provided in welcome email)

Once the child has mastered the abacus tool, the child is taught to use the mental image of the abacus instead. They use this image to do complex arithmetic calculations within seconds since both left and right brains function simultaneously.

Here is an example of kids doing mental math:


Dates and Times:

Starting 23rd July, classes are held everyday (Monday to Friday) for 2 weeks from 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM(London Time)

  • Sub junior level : Ages 5-7
  • Junior level : Ages 7-9
  • Senior level: Ages 9-12

Instructor Profile:

Mrs Dhiral Panchmatia and her team will deliver the course. She is the proprietor of New Learning Horizons established in 2008, ISO certified with 13 years of experience in Franchising & Schools. She has trained 1000+ students and is the recipient of numerous awards.

Course Curriculum

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Abacus tool
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