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Our Story

It all started during the lock down of 2020…

Schools closed. There was some remote learning. Kids were home. Parents were working. Grandparents were helping out virtually. Online classes for kids cropped up everywhere. I found out about a few through whatsapp groups, facebook groups, word of mouth, google searches. It was so random.

My son learnt painting from a lady in New York, a music lesson from a accomplished classical musician from Bangalore while continuing some remote lessons from his school in London. He also had questions about self driving cars (he was 4 years old at the time!) which my good friend working at Lyft indulged him in. It was fascinating watching him unfold when he could access anyone’s expertise from across the world. It was the silver lining of the lock down.

That’s when OurLittleUni was born – a curated marketplace for all the online , live classes for kids from across the world – Our Little University.

Roar by A, age 4. This is A's first water colour painting. He learnt this in a live, online class. His teacher was in New York City while he was in London.
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